How to fix Samsung Note 9 At&t Carrier Mobile Hotspot error. You can’t. (At least I can’t)

I’ve spent hours trying to search online for a fix and found nothing.

Samsung Note 9 with At&t Carrier Mobile Hotspot does NOT work. (for me)

I also called AT&T to changed to their 60$ plan, the 70$ plan and even their 90$ premium plan to try to make the mobile hotspot work. After many Note 9 restarts, and toggling the Mobile Hotspot option, the note 9 keeps showing the “Your

Now I have to always carry around an Iphone in my laptop bag just in case I need wifi, my Iphone X’s mobile Wifi works perfectly. All I have to do is swap the sim card.

Maybe this is just an isolated issue, but I write this post just as a confirmation to others out there that may have this problem as well. I love the Note 9 and it is my daily.




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