Switzerland Trip 08-2018

Walhala Hotel Zurich – Guest House, Switzerland


No Refrigerator

No Microwave

No hot water

pot for tea/coffee.

The shower made me claustrophobic.

The bed is super uncomfortable. It felt like sleeping on cardboard.

The pillows are probably the worst pillows in a hotel I had ever lay my head on. They had no cushion at all (See picture).

My back hurt after just 1/2 a night stay, My condolences to whoever had to stay here for more than 1 night.

I do understand that yes this is low priced hotel compared to others, and I understand it because of the price we get a small tiny Tokyo sized room, but it is lacks even the bare minimum, and i cant accept it, its 2018 it doesn’t cost much for decent pillows, a hot water pot, a refrigerator, a normal decent mattress.

Even though we didn’t have the bare minimum a hotel should have, such as water ($3.50 Euro for a bottle), however they were kind enough to give us complimentary biscuits right on our pillows just in case we were hungry in the middle of the night. How thoughtful!

However, the free Breakfast was EXCELLENT.

Stay here if you are just staying for 1 night.

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