Hawaii Trip 2018

Hawaii Trip 04/2018


Landed in Honolulu at 3:30 PM,

Hawaii airplane seats are so bad, my bad and ass hurt from the 11 hour flight. If you ever fly to hawaii make sure to

pack food (sandwiches, chips,), and snacks for the long plane ride.

Then went to hertz to pick up the car, a benz c class 300, the trunk is just enough to fit 1 check i luggage and 2 carry on. if you have more than 2 people for your trip, a small car cant fit anything!

then we went to to the Ala moana center mall for food court japanese ramen, walked around the mall, they have nice shops, hermes, gucci, rolex, louis vuitton.

Then we went to our hotel at the Ramada Hotel just nearby, its just a normal hotel with a good rate of $120 a night.

Places that we ate

Highway Inn Hawaii food – good brunch. its like dinner food with choice of hawaii style food you can try out. price is not cheap but not so expensive.

The pig the lady, vietnamese food – food sucks and SUPER overpriced. The pho broth was not like pho at all, the pho noodles was overly soft, the bun cha vermicelli was tough like rubber , the viet sandwich was ok but $15.00. SKIP.

Some ramen place at the mall that claims they are #1 in Hawaii- The ramen sucks. The fried rice was good though.

kapiolani coffee house, known for oxtail soup – Not bad brunch , the oxtail soup had a good portion of oxtail. The soup is loaded with cilantro, so pay attention.

matsumoto shaved ice – good.

Fumi’s Kahuku Shrimp Food truck – $13 for garlic shrimp. Good but I wouldn’t go out my way to eat it though.

Coco Cove – Good, it is Poke Bowl, which is tuna sushi over rice. It’s good and fairly priced. I suggest to get the 1 topping option, 2 options will the rice too salty.

Update: 04-22-2018

This is the 3rd day in Hawaii and I’ve come to the conclusion its so overpriced. I think I can recommend to people to visit Hawaii one time for the experience, but I’ve much rather go to Okinawa.  Just being in Hawaii makes me want to be in Okinawa. Hawaii’s weather is perfect, but its just way overpriced to enjoy the food. Its so difficult to hunt for a place that is not expensive but also good food at the same time.

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