Online Shops scams (Do not buy)

facebook feedback

Do not order anything from clothing shop   , if you check their facebook page its FILLED with customer complaints.

The order took 4 weeks to get shipped to me.

When I received them the brand wasn’t Survival Apex but some china brand with china tags on it, the 2 sweaters were the SAME Size. I also order gloves that never got delivered.

I bought 2 sweaters, 1 medium and 1 large, BOTH fitted like a SMALL. And the quality was CHEAP and of LOW QUALITY.

The company return policy is 14 days, but it took 30 DAYS to get to me, so they won’t do a refund or return. Called my CC company and disputed.

You can check their facebook page and see all the complaints, their whole business is scamming customers.

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