Santorini Trip Sept 2017

Scorpios Beach Hotel, Santorini


Room Entrance

Scorpios Beach Hotel Review.



1. Wifi is SO SLOW. 

  • WIFI is really really bad, might as well say don’t have. The only time it works is if you’re sticking your phone out the window. Check your room to see if the WIFI works, if it doesn’t get different room. Its 2017, there is no excuse for poor WIFI connection.

2. No Beach towels provided.

  • The hotel’s name is Scorpios BEACH Hotel…..Customers are going here to enjoy the beach…..

3. Pool is small.  

  • 10 people in it would crowd it up.

4. Beach quality poor.

  • Monolithos Beach thats right across the beach (aka Black sand beach ), is littered with rocks, in the water theres also rocks. If you are going to swim, wear those swimming shoes (sandals will do if you don’t really swim). The water is not pretty, the sand is not pretty. Theres just nothing amazing about it.

5. Beach air quality poor.

  • A big factory or plant is nearby, and there’s fumes flying out of it. It might be the reason for the funny car emission-like smell in the air, or could be from something else, i’m not 100% sure.

6. 15 – 25 Euro for car service to airport.

  • While I do understand that the hotel gotta make some money, the hotel air port is literally 5 minutes drive away. The reason I put 15-25 euro is because we bargained it to 15. But even 15 is still a rip off for only a 5 minute drive. I would say 10 Euro should be fair. 

7Misc complaints.

  • House keeping not so thorough, There were hair (4 inches long) on the bedsheets, the bedsheets were white so it was easy to spot. But this can be correct if the hotel was notified.
  • Shower head is so low, excellent for small children but too low for adults. But the water is nice and warm all the time. Just annoying to hold the shower head.
  • I’m not a super clean freak, but their bathroom floor is crazy dirty,  It REALLY needs a proper cleaning.
  • The water is salty, while brushing our teeth, we can taste the salt and that is just really discomforting,
  • Room’s are very DATED. I understand for 70$ this is what you get but….at least put some effort for minimal improvements.

I want to give this place a 1 rating because the WIFI is so BAD, but because its only 70$ a night, 2 rating is really fair.

By mid night this place is QUIET and everybody is gone, so get everything you need before nightfall, get your water, get your beer, get your snacks, get whatever you need because nobody will help you after dark.

If you are taking a trip to santorini and expecting to enjoy the Monolithos beach (black sand beach)….hahaahahaaha good luck to you. If you are flying 12 hours to get to santorini I highly suggest you find a place in Fira where things are more alive. The Monolithos beach is not a great beach experience.


PRICE $70 a night. 

  • If you really must go to Santorini, and have a budget to work with, this place is priced low compared to other hotels. I haven’t checked all of the hotels, let me know if theres a good low priced one if you see it.

Wildman X Verdict:  

2/5 Stars: 


Number 1 reason to not go here is WIFI is too SLOW If you have the money and time to go to Santorini, you deserve a better place to enjoy yourself. Since this resort that markets itself as a “Beach” resort, the Monolithos beach leaves very little to be desired. I did not bother to make any complaints to the hotel since the real negatives are about the beach, something I think they would not have control over. Thank god we only stayed during the day, because our flight was at 3AM, so we just picked any cheaper place that was nearby the airport. Had we booked this place for more than 1 night for my vacation in Santorini, it would be a torture or we would of just booked elsewhere. 

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