Santorini Trip Sept 2017

Marquise Suites, Santorini, Fira



Marquise Hotel (In Fira)


1. Slightly noisy sometimes. 

  • Sometimes there are loud talking outside, it is guest from other rooms that are hanging out in their patio. It is not the hotel fault and is a minor complaint that does not effect the overall quality of this hotel. 

2. Difficult to park (no hotel parking lot).

  • Avoid the available parking (parking lot) behind the hotel, it is usually packed up by locals. I suggest to find public street parking elsewhere. 


1. Low Price

  • The time me and my wife stayed it was 240 Euro’s. (Sept 1st and 2nd of 2017), Before you say thats expensive, you gotta check out the prices and hotels around Fira and you will know 240 Euro’s is a good price. Obviously the price will go way higher than 240 during peak seasons.

2. Excellent Room Quality.

  • Good Security. Before you go into your room, you would have to enter the 1st outer door (because outside your hotel room is your own outdoor patio, equip with chair and round table). This door is heavy duty and locked.
  • More Security. Your hotel door is super heavy duty and high quality. Not only does it help block out outside city noise, you can sleep in peace knowing nobody is ever getting that door open.
  • Everything is clean, new and modern. The room doesn’t have any funky smells. It is simply an excellent room.

3. Best complimentary in-room goodies.

  • Nepresso Machine with complimentary 4  expresso/coffee  pod’s per day. Hotel will refill daily. (I LOVE nepresso)
  • 1 Large bottle of mineral water infused with fruit
  • In-room slippers, 
  • 2 Bathrobes
  • Shower Body Gel, Hair shampoo and other useful lotions.
  • Free Breakfast

4. Complimentary Breakfast Daily.

  • Free breakfast delivered to your room every morning at the time of your choosing. And it is not a cheap “continental breakfast” there is a large variety of choices to pick from (Request to have all dishes sauces put on the side, they tend to over sauce certain dishes, like the scramble egg and the dressing for salads.)

5. Nearby to the “boardwalk/night market/hillside cliffs”

  • All the shops and places to eat are about 1 minute walk away. You really cannot get a better location. The scenery and cliff areas are about 5 minutes away. Everything you want is in walking distance.

6. Employee’s are super nice and friendly.

  • Hotel staff are very nice, they also gave me recommendations to local restaurants that were well priced and super good.

7. Wifi is Good.

  • Good wifi connection is life.

Wildman X Verdict:

5/5 Stars:      


If you are visiting Santorini, this is where you wanna stay, theres no doubt about it.



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