Santorini Trip Sept 2017

Island Blue (MyBlue), Santorini, Oia


MyBlue (3 Church Dome Location)

1Tourist may be a nuisance.

  • Photographers may sometimes open the gate at the entrance side of your Cave villa, but the most they will do is stand inside the gate about 2 feet. It may cause some annoyance, during my 2 days there, I probably had 3 of these occurrences.


1. Excellent service from My Blue team.

  • The owner/boss Louanna, will keep very close contact with you via WhatsApp. She will have her employees meet with you at a local restaurant at your arrival and carry your luggage into your lodgings.

2. Excellent Room amenities.

  • You have a large living space.
  • Full access Kitchen, there is complimentary water, soda, eggs, sliced bread, fruits, coffee, tea.
  • AC works well
  • Wifi works well
  • Shower has warm/hot water available.
  • Outdoor patio with table and chairs to enjoy a meal and the famous Santorini view.

2. The Perfect Santorini Postcard View.

  • Your Cave house is located right in front of the super popular tourist spot of Santorini, the famous blue and white 3 church domes. If you are going to Santorini, Oia, I’m sure you are hunting for this coveted spot like many other tourist. Everyone wants to capture a picture of this 3 church domes, with the famous sea, mountain and Santorini blue sky.

3. Get hooked up with the best table at the best Sunset restaurant to view the Santorini sunset.

  • Ask Louanna, or any of her staff and they will make reservations for you at best spot to view the Santorini sunset. This was the highlight of our Santorini trip. Im sure their are other ways to book this restaurant (I don’t know the details), but by staying at MyBlue I didn’t have to deal with the reservations myself. If you are going to Santorini, you want to do the research and make sure you have a spot at a place with the best sunset view. A good sunset view you want is when the sun goes down below the sea, not behind the mountains. This is the true beauty of seeing the Santorini Sunset. Make your trip worth it! (See my Review of the restaurant)

Wildman X Verdict:

5/5 Stars: 


If paying 450 – 500 euro’s is within your budget, do book at least 2 nights at MyBlue. You get the amazing blue 3 church dome view, and get seats to view the famous Santorini sunset. The room is of excellence quality, you definitely get the great Santorini living experience. You will be in total relax mode, feeling one of the best tranquility in your life. It was one of a kind experience and if I ever can afford the money and time, I would return again (probably won’t anytime soon). 


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