Santorini Trip Sept 2017

Elea Resort, Santorini Oia


1. Dirty Lounge Chairs. 

  • For a 600 Euro a night room, the condition of the lounge chairs are unacceptable.


2. Empty Cafe,  Pool side bar did not have staff when I was there, the “restaurant” is joke.

  • Cafe area empty, Staff said it is only open in the winter.
  • Pool side bar did not have staff when I was there
  • Employee’s do numerous different jobs and take a while to fulfill your needs. I had to wait 10 minutes or more in my room to wait for my luggage (it takes just 60 seconds to walk from reception to my room).
  • Resort “restaurant” is just a few tables at the side of the main pool.

3. Cramped tiny room.

  • Rooms are 250 sq ft , for 600 Euro’s, its a rip off.  After putting our luggage, there was literally no space to walk.

4. Outdoor area not shaded

  • The sun is beating down on you while you are eating outside on front patio area, and also in the back patio area, Very unpleasant experience.


5. Poor flooring.

  • The resort had cement flooring that looked so poorly done, uneven, with big cracks at numerous places.

ela poor flooring 2

6. Poor Views from front patio and back pool area and infinity pool.

  • Dirt from all sides of your suite.
  • Your room overlooks neighbors house.
  • Pictures from their website and expedia listing are not similar at all to how it is in person, resort is professional at “Camera Angle Tricks”.
  • Resort uses “Camera Angle Tricks” to hide the real scenery.
  • Infinity pool blocked with glass panels, excellent view of empty concrete resort grounds.
Elea Front porch/patio

Front Patio View, Cracked floor, empty ugly space.

view of front patio area over looking the parking lot

patio view of parking lot and dirt mountain

resort view at private pool, concrete and dirt grounds

infinity pool with dirt and concrete views


7. Ill maintained and cheap furniture.

  • Pool area lounge chairs made by unfinished wood. Looks like they just went to home depot, got some 2 x 4’s and screw them together. 

2 x 4 wood furniture and dirty lounge cushion

8. No privacy

  • The outdoor lounging area/private pool for all the rooms are open for all to see.


parking lot patio

Everyone has to walk past my suite, because it was on the way to the public pool. No privacy at all.

9. Staff and management don’t care about your complaints.

  • When I told management about my complaints, and that I was dissatisfied about paying 600 Euro’s for this kind of quality, they offered me no alternatives or solution, so I checked out and left just 2 hours after I checked in. I did not bother to stay even 1 night.

10. Open suites, no privacy.

  • You can see all the suites are about the same size but the prices vary in the hundreds. Paying $500 will get you basically the same room size as everyone paying $150.


11. No complimentary drinks.

  • Everything in the fridge cost Euro’s, soda, wine, beer, even water. For a room that cost $600 I should have everything in the whole fridge free.



1. It is very quiet, like a ghost town, very few guest and few staff. 

Wildman X Verdict:

1/5 Stars:  

Conclusions and thoughts (Short Version)

  • If you like this place, book the $150 room/suite, that would be the best value.

  • Anything listed over $250 is a rip off. Because every room is the same except for the pool size.

Conclusions and thoughts (Long Version)

  • Consider this, you see the picture listing on Expedia, with fairly low reviews of about 50 reviews, 30 of those reviews is 5 star, 7 is 2-3 stars, and 3 is 1 star. The price is 600-700 Euro’s a night, the pictures look awesome. Me and my wife assumed since this is a new hotel, thats why the reviews are little. If you take a look at their Expedia listed pictures of the resort, then you see my pictures. It doesn’t take long for you to see this resort is not worth 600 Euro’s a night.


  • Upon arriving to the resort around 12 PM, we were suspicious to see why the reception room so small. It was about a 100 square feet room with one employee behind sitting behind a low office table. During this whole greeting experience, I keep reminding to myself that we are paying 600 Euro’s a night here, why is everything so ghetto, it’s not our first time traveling and we know what is worth it and what is a rip off. Anyway, this very mediocre arrival greeting did not put my senses to full alert yet.


  • My senses started to go into full alert mode when we saw the cafe directly next to the reception room completely empty. There were around 6 tables and a empty bar. I could order no drinks, because the bar/cafe was “Only open during the winter”, said the receptionist.


  • After quietly (or loudly) complaining to my wife how is it that there is only 1 cafe/food area and its not even working. Because after flying traveling for 10-12 hours from NYC to Santorini, all I wanted was a iced drink, something refreshing. I’ve put the effort to travel all the way to this resort and literally greeted with nothing. Nobody even greeted us at the entrance to help with our luggage, the place is severely understaffed.


  • Now the receptionist heads us over to our villa/room. Before we get to our room at the other end of the “resort”, we see about 6 of the other smaller rooms, with their tiny open pools, there was a couple sitting very strangely and awkwardly looking at us walk down the lane. I could see everything they are doing and they are doing nothing but looking at us. It was a very  awkward feeling, The feeling of zero privacy,


  • So we get to our room, The refrigerator was stocked of water and soft drinks, but the only thing complimentary was 1 bottle of water, The room is 600 Euro’s a night, everything in that fridge should be free, ok whatever, I’ll get over it.


  • After the receptionist is done with the tour, we waited nearly 10 minutes to get have our luggage brought to our room. When the luggage got there, it filled up the entire walking floor space. That’s so aggravating, how is it that for 600 Euro’s, we don’t even have WALKING space in the rooms. They give us a room sized 250 sq ft, while they have listed on Expedia a room with 400 sq ft for 430 Euro’s. We only had 2 carry on bags and 1 luggage.


  • Lets take a look around. One of the biggest reason why we booked this place is the infinity pool over looking the ocean view. Now we see it in person. The pool itself is not bad. It wasn’t large, but wasn’t too small. The problem was everything AROUND the pool. There was an ocean view, but it was a TINY spec. What you mostly see is the resort walking grounds, and public lounge beds. Beyond the distance of that was undeveloped dirt, and beyond that obnoxious view, then you will see the ocean. A thin disappointing blue line. The pictures they posted online are really misleading.


  • The lounge beds and chair around our pool area was a disaster, It looked like it was made using home depot 2×4’s, and the cushioned material was so dirty it made $30 motels look clean.


  • The area we were to be eating our complimentary breakfast, the outdoor patio, had a table and 2 chairs that were so dull and cheap looking. Its material was so thin I could pushed it over with my pinky. The 2×4 fixtures that covered our patio was incomplete, it had nothing on top to protect us from the sun. There was no privacy, anyone standing outside their patio from the other rooms can see us in our patio. I was done. 


  • We hurried back to the receptionist and told her we had to go, the room which we booked for 2 nights, total $1200 USD was unacceptable. I wasn’t going to negotiate with them the price, because since I had already paid Expedia the full $1200, there was no way to trust that the Elea Resort would credit me if we stayed. Elea Resort can simply just say they never agreed for a partial credit, and that I had stayed the full 2 days.


  • The receptionist told me I had to call Expedia and tell them I’m leaving the resort, and that expedia needed to talk to Elea’s resort “Reservation office/manager”. The resort is understaffed, doesn’t have the budget to improved amenities and there is a reservation office off the resort? I don’t think so. We had to go back to our room for WIFI, activate my international plan from At&t, and spent 30 minutes on the phone with Expedia. I told Expedia I’m leaving the resort immediately upon arriving. The place was a disaster and we are not spending another minute there. Receptionist gave me the run around about not being able to contact the reservation manager and will give me a call back tomorrow morning. Too many excuses.


  • Later that night, at our new and excellent hotel (Marquisse Hotel, in Fira), I spent another total of 1 hour on the phone with Expedia. They told me they are trying to get in contact with the manager at Elea Resort to get authorization for a full refund. Ok do what you gotta do Expedia, I book everything from Cars, Hotels, Plane Tickets, EVERYTHING with Expedia, you guys gotta help me out during my time of need. The Expedia rep told me email any pictures I have of the problems, I’ve sent it all over. They concluded that call saying they have to get in contact with Elea resort manager.  12 midnight Expedia calls me back to let me know that Elea Resort declined my refund (not surprisingly). They put me on hold for a few minutes and after they returned, told me Expedia will refund me for the full reservation. You can officially call me a loyal Expedia customer. Expedia is the best. 

It is because of our wasted time and resources to get to Elea Resorts, and to be so disappointed, I made this blog. I know there are many people out there that book reservations and get completely ripped off and can do nothing about it. And they do nothing about it because Hotel’s have “non-refundable policy” and people give up after a booking company or the hotel says sorry your reservation is “non-refundable”. I hope my experience will help out another person/couple out there. There is justice in the world and Expedia will support you if you were unjustly treated. Be sure to take video’s and pictures. Don’t expect to stay at a hotel for the full reservation then later make a complaint about it and expect a full refund, don’t leave or drop a reservation just because you don’t like it or something else came up and you cannot make the reservation anymore. The truth about business is, the customer is always right, SOMETIMES. Not all the time, but sometimes.

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