Santorini Trip Sept 2017

Dimitris Ammoudi Taverna, Santorini

Dimitris Ammoudi Taverna, Santorini Review,

The only thing I can remember about this place is….


You gotta walk down the mountain, a very steep flight of stairs.

Its not that bad.

Except that its cover with DONKEY POO, 50% of the way!

And it was WINDY.


The Dimitris Restaurant itself had GODLY view of the water, the water had no fishy stinky ocean smell, it was a crisp soft ocean sea breeze. It was WONDERFUL, even though the menu price was a complete RIPP OFF, it was ok, since we order all the cheap stuff come on 90 EURO’s for a grill fish? get out of here, give me the 10 euro anchovies please. All the good stuff about this place was completely useless because after we were done dining and enjoying the view….. we had to walk back up.


If you must go, wear some cheap slippers you can throw away, and wear a surgical MASK.

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