Santorini Trip Sept 2017

Theodora Suites, Santorini, Oia. (A Booking nightmare)(scam alert)

Scam Alert Santorini

Theodora Suites in Santorini Review.

Oia, SantoriniOia 847 00, Greece

Let me start by saying, Do not Book Theodora Suites.

I’ve booked Theodora Suites for 2 nights via , but after heading over to their home website ( for more information, I’ve found out that the room was offering for $100 less per night than what offered.

So I then sent an email over to them at ( asking about if I can do a booking , a representative named

Odisseas G. Hadjimichael ( 

replied to me that yes I can do the bookings through them. So I went ahead and canceled the reservation with

After several email exchanges, Odisseas told me that a $200 non-refundable deposit was required, I agreed, I then ask about the cancellation policy, Odisseas only replied that “this was a special rate and $200 is non-refundable”. They charged my credit card $200 (info that they got on hand from, which I feel shouldn’t have happened. This is why I highly recommend doing reservations through )

I checked their website carefully to see for any non-refundable or cancellation policies and there was none. So I didn’t think much about it.

A week before my trip to Santorini, I decided I didn’t want to stay at Theodora, So I’ve messaged him back to notify that I wasn’t going to make the reservation. He then told me under policy there is no cancellation, which I quickly replied that reservation was cancelled. He then replied that on the Theodora website states no cancellations.

And he charged my credit card for the total of the 2 nights reservation that same day.

It’s really funny that after he messaged me that the website states no cancellation, I check the website again and guess what,

He immediately updated their website after messaging me. 

Good thing I’ve kept screen shots of the website.



As of right now I disputed the charge with my CC company and they issued me a temporarily credit while they wait for the vendor/merchant (Theodora Suites) to reply. After being on the phone several times with my CC company and also faxing over to them the screen shots and emailed messages, I feel I had to share this experience on the blog. The customer service is shady and will charge your credit card whenever they want. 

Book at your own risk.






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